About the verification code

When you install one of the commercial packages, the extension can request an activation code (you get the code when buy a package from a store from a list below). That's the way we protect ourselves from e-pirates.

Purchase Verify Dialog

Whether or not will the extension require the code, depends on the option required_purchase_code in main package settings.

Purchasing a package from an online store (VideoHive / Gumroad / WooCommerce integration), user gets an automatically generated purchase code, which he will use to activate the package.
After the code is entered into the extension AtomX, our API server will require the store (you purchased the package from), wheter the code exists. If the answer is positive, you will be able to activate the package; if negative - you'll see an error.
Example of activation system

The sceme works only with the help of the integration of AtomX with online stores (see the list below; moreover, after your request, we can add some spetial way of code generation for you).

Moreover, using admin-panel (or by mailing to the designer), you can generate special purchase codes (for a certain number of purchases). It's very convenient for testing or promotion activities!

Available online store integrations:


We can create your personal integration system for your own web (any of CMS), or other online store. Please, contact us for further discussion.