Gumroad integration

Get into options of item Gumroad (chapter Content), and switch on the unique keys generation:

Gumroad: Parameter generate unique keys

Now you need the ID of your item (the last figures of URL):

Enter the ID in settings of your sample of the package in the admin-panel.


You have to create your account, and create your package sample.

Enter the ID into the field Item ID for the package.

Admin Center: Add Item ID of product (gumroad)

Check, whether the main activation type is set up as:

Admin Center: Gumroad main Activation Method


Make sure, that the counting method is bonded with the current integration!
The counting method is assigned in the moment of package creation only. If the counting method is incorrect, please, contact the administrator to change it.

Admin-center Counting By Gumroad

Done! Now the sold items can be activated with the help of the code from Gumroad service.

Where can a buyer look up for the purchase code?

To get a license key, buyer shoul switch to the purchased item viewing:

Gumroad Content Item

Copy the code and insert it into the fild of package activation (all the information about the purchase and the code will be sent to the byuer via e-mail, as well).

Gumroad License Key Text