Preview files

Preview files should locate in a folder Atom Preview Assets (near the package file .ATOM and utility files) , duplicating the hierarchy from your package structure.

For a preview of one element you need two types of files:

  1. Static picture of the element (format .PNG)
  2. Animated review of the element (format .GIF)

Example of files types
The titles (PNG & GIF) of one element have to be the same.

Possible proportion and size (pixels) for elements:

DEFAULTDefault Item View16:9 size from 240x135 to 360x202
Set up as a default for all the elements
VERTICALInstagram Item View9:16 size from 135x240 to 202x360
BOX_MAXBox Item View1:1 size from 240x240 to 360x360
BOX_MINBox Mini Item View1:1 size from 135x135 to 202x202

There is no need to create a preview file for audio files and similar elements (when there's no need in displaying of the element) - the extension will automatically create a review template.

The aspect ratio is default 16:9 DEFAULT, but you may set any variant from listed above for certain groups (see more details here).

Regardless of the suggested size, you can use any other (to the higher side) - the extension will zoom it up or scale it down in a correct way.
The important thing is to preserve proportion for types of elements.

P.S: If it's possible, consider the size of GIF animation, and if the size is too big (more than 2~5 Mb) use compressors (for ex. to reduce them with no loss in quality.

More details on preview files location see in chapter package structure.