About special settings

Special package settings allow to apply specific options for the extension; the settings connected and operate only with a particular application (After Effects, Premiere Pro, ...).

Moreover, the options can be reputed as global for the package, but you can change them for concrete groups.

Code examples
"inside_option_sets": {
"auto_size_composition": "ONLY_MAIN",
"auto_fps_composition": "NONE"


  • auto_size_composition - shows to the extension that applied compositions have to take size of the active customer composition (if additional settings applied, all your compositions are adaptive to all variants of size).
  • auto_fps_composition - shows the extension, that the applied compositions are not allowed to copy FPS of the active customer composition.

The settings work only for After Effects, however, in Premiere Pro and other programs they will not function, but still preserve the package operation effective.

You can find various options and their value further. You can add any of them (separate by commas) and values appointed into your inner settings of the package inside_option_sets.