Main settings

In the package settings we assign the main features: title, author, application, version and inner settings for used application.

The main settings of the package contain three parts:

  1. main - the main details of the package (title, author, version, etc.). More information see below.
  2. inside_option_sets - special package settings. More on that see here.
  3. stylization - the stylization of the package (adding an image for header). The details are here.
"settings": {
"main": {
"name" : "Your Package Name",
"version" : "1.0",
"required_app_version": "3.0",
"software_id" : "AE",
"software_version" : "CC19",
"engine_pack" : "_COMPOSER",
"inside_security" : "",
"required_purchase_code" : false,
"cc_author_username" : "Author Name"
"inside_option_sets": {
"source_type": "PROJECT",
"customizer_control_range": {
"Slider": [-2000, 2000],
"Slider 2": [0, 200]
"stylization": {
"header_color_hex": "#021523"

Now let's analyze the first part (the main details of the package) - main.

The details of main settings


Importantly: A part of mentioned data (package title, author name, application type) is used for synchronization with admin-panel (your profile). That's important for confirmation of packages activation, statistics gathering and setting your own links inside the app.

The chosen package title, author's login and application - have to be identic to ones pointed while creation of package sample in the admin-panel.

namePoint the package name (latin letters only, no symbols).
That title is used for identification in the admin-panel and is shown to user.
Example Package name in the extension
versionA version of a package with a float value (a number with a dot: 1.0, 2.4, ...).
For a free version point DEMO, or point that option in a moment of compiling.
If the version of the package is DEMO, while installing there will always be a button (leads you up to the address you pointed in the admin-panel, usually used for getting the full package version).
Example Demo button in the extension
required_app_versionRequired for the installation version of the package (for the moment of writing that documentation it is 3.0.0). The current version see on the website.
The package will not be installed with version that is outdated a required one, the utility will demand to update the extension.
software_idID of the app the package is created for. You can look through the package in any app, but using it is possible only in a pointed one. Supported apps (choose one):
  • AE - After Effects
  • PR - Premiere Pro
  • PS - Photoshop
  • AI - Illustrator
software_versionApp version, required for work with package elements (only for user's report).
You can point: CC15+, or just CC19.
Example where will shown software version
engine_packThe type of database engine is responsible for operation with package elements. If you will change the engine then a toolbar, appeal of buttons and other settings will change.
One and the sane engine will look different depending on a certain app.
  • _COMPOSER - The basic type for templates of After Effects / Premiere Pro / audio files and presets
  • _TEXT_PRESETS - Text presets (are created with the help of a certain interpreter)
Example of different engines
According to your needs, new engines can be created, or present ones adjusted (options are extra paid), thus we can create an engine for comfortable use of audio-visualization templates, slide show creation, etc. - and that will expand the functions of your package.
inside_securityInner security code for compiler values. Leave empty.
required_purchase_codeIs a purchase code required for installing the package?
When purchasing on VideoHive / Gumroad / our own website or other stores of digital content, a buyer can get a purchase code, that need to be entered into the extension for package activation - that is aт e-pirate protection.

More on ways of activation and systems available see here.
  • true - Required the code (for premium packages)
  • false - Do not Required (for free DEMO packages)
You can also create specific activation codes with the help of the admin-panel, or via e-mail to the developer.
We can add an extra checking system for your packages. You need to choose the checking system in the admin-panel while creating the package.
cc_author_usernameA nickname of the package author (latin letters only, no special symbols).
The nickname will be used for identification in the admin-panel and shown to users.