About group settings

Settings for a group of elements allows to rewrite special package settings for certain templates and all its elements, and have special options not related to spetial settings.

For example: allow changing the preview orientation, making oudio files of groups, etc.


Settings can be added to the final group of elements only, i. e. template (with construction preview). You cannot add settings to a group, which is not final in the thread and contains other groups.

Add option preview_name_instead_id and custom_preview_res_thumbnail for the template Instagram Stories (add it strictly after the bucket preview, separate by commas if there are several).

"Instagram Stories": {
"preview": {
"INST_2": {"enabled": true, "name": "Instagram Stories 02", "options": false},
"INST_3": {"enabled": true, "name": "Instagram Stories 03", "options": false}
"preview_name_instead_id": true,
"custom_preview_res_thumbnail": "VERTICAL"

You can add any amount of settings, separated by commas, from the list below. Don't forget to add a comma after the bucket preview to add options.

The options will not operate if they relate to another program.