Common options

Common options that are suitable for all the applications.




Allows you to change the format of the footage (images/videos) for selected item (if the global format of the footage is not suitable for all items).

Is part of the is_footage parameter, and cannot work without this group parameter.

For example: if the group setting has the parameter "is_footage": "MP4", but you have one or more files in a different video format (.MOV). Then you can use this option to specify it.


Importantly: This option replaces only one type of format (global image with optional image, and also for video). If the video format is specified globally (.MOV, .MP4) and you specify .PNG to replace it, this will not work.

To replace the image format, use:

  • JPG – group with images .jpg
  • PNG – group with images .png

To replace the video format, use:

  • MOV – group with videos .mov
  • MP4 – group with videos .mp4
Common code example
"My Footages": {
"preview": {
"SIP_1": {"enabled": true, "name": "Custom Image", "options": false,
"custom_args": {"filetype": "PNG"}
"SIP_2": {"enabled": true, "name": "Some Image", "options": false, "custom_args": {} }
"is_footage": "JPG"
Option (separately)
"filetype": "MOV"
Option (including the construction)
"custom_args": {
"filetype": "MOV"