Code debugging

If your package structure is incorrect, and there are errors while testing or compiling, you need code debugging.

If you see an error Corrupted Test Pack with a key inscription JSON, you won't be able to use the package without correcting its syntax.

Debug Code test mode

Moreover, an error can occur in a process of package compilation:

Debug Code compilation


The reasons of errors can be various: extra comma, no comma before the text bucket, and so on.

Structure restore

Use a ready-made restore tool JSON of structure, so that you don't have to search for incorrect code by hand.

Go to the website (or any other web that can correct JSON code automatically), and enter the entire package code:

Json Structure on site

After that, try to browse to the mode of viewing the tree of elements.

Json Structure on site to tree

If succeed, then the code is ok, and the problem is not in the invalid JSON structure (contact the administrator).

Otherwise, you see further error (with other figures and information):

Json Structure Syntax Error

As well as you can see highlighted error area (however, in the example the error located one line upwards - an extra comma before a bucket closure without any more elements).

Json Structure Error Place in code

To restore the package structure automatically, push the button Repair JSON.

Json Structure Syntax Error

The error has to withdraw (an extra comma will be automatically deleted, a bucket will be closed, etc.). Let's try to browse to the mode of viewing the tree of elements again, as in example above.

If the error fixed: You see the tree of elements, instead of the code.

If the error not fixed: Try again to push the repair button, or contact the administrator.

Json Structure Success Tree View

As long as we see the tree of elements, the structure is correct. Get back to code viewing, copy the code, and insert it into your package file.

Visual structure editing

You can easily interact with buckets and options in the tree of elements: add new ones, correct previous, double elements, and so on.
That way of editing is ideal for those, who wants to edit the package code safely, or prefer visual view to a code.

Json Structure Tree View Editable