Package managing

While you're in the admin-panel, in the section Packages you can add new packages and edit current ones (among others adding demo package, changing item price, inner links).

All Packages in Admin Center

Adding a package

In the section with packages push the button Create new package.

Button to add new package

You'll get to the page of adding a new package:

Adding the new package


Package NameEnter the name of the package that you pointed in main package settings, to a parameter name.
Important: The package name for the package file and for admin-panel has to be identic, as it is used for synchronization. You cannot change it in the following.
Package SoftwareThe software, for which you created the package that you pointed in main package settings, to a parameter software_id.
Important: The software for the package file and for admin-panel has to be identical, as it is used for synchronization. You cannot change it in the following.
Market PriceAssign the original item price on the store (where you sell your package). Specify % that goes to the market from each purchase, to get a net profit for your products (without any percent in favour of the market or payment system).
The system will count the % from sales (according to the rate described further). The price will be rebound in the store inside the extension.
Atom Market Price from Market
You can change that option any time (in time of sales or promotion activities) ; the system will take the changes into account when will charge the percent.
For package non-commercial use: assign 0.
TariffA charge off in % from your net profit (your income without market fees).
If you choose a paid rate , you can pay for it either before, or after you activate your package.
Important: You cannot change it in the following .
Project Item IDID of the item in the online store (obligatory for VideoHive / GumRoad). Leave the field empty and enter the ID afterwards, if your item is not approved yet, and you don't know its ID.
If you sell an item without ID (on VideoHive / Gumroad) - a buyer won't be able to activate it.
Main ActivationThe main type of packages activation (the option depends on the chosen selling market, as well as where a buyer got the purchase code for the package activation).
All the information on the system of the purchase code verifying see here.

For VideHive marketing: VideoHive Purchase Code.
For Gumroad marketing: Gumroad License Key.
For marketing on your own website on WordPress WC: WordPress WooCommerce Integration.
Important: Correlates with option Counting By for accounting your sellings in regards to activation type chosen.
Regardless of the activation type chosen, you can create unlimited number of activation codes, more on that see here.
Link to PremiumThe link to the full version of your product (considered as a link to a product page).
Atom Market Link Buy Atom Link Get Full Version
Used for the item links inside the extension / or website, and for a button for getting the full version (if the demo version is installed).
Link to VotingThe option was used in earlier AtomX 3.0.0 versions (now is not used).
Upload DemoIf you have a demo package, add it here (up to 100MB; contact the administrator, if your package is bigger).
Atom Market Try Free
Your package will be available for downloading on the extension market after the upload (if the package is on the market). You can upgrade the demo package any time (the previous one will be replaced by a new one).
Counting byThe system for sales counting (a part of automatic system that counts the profit from the tarif %).
For sales on VideHive point Sales (only on VideoHive).
For sales on Gumroad / or other market - Installations.
To sale on your own website WordPress WooCommerce - Received Orders (WP Integration).
All the information on integrations see here.
Important: The value is connected with Main Activation and you cannot change it in the future.

After you entered the data, push the button of the package creation.

Admin Center Finally create package

If everything is correct, the created package will be shown in a section of packages.
Firstly the package has a status Validation (with the current status you're not able to set up a compiled package).

Package status Validate

Administrator activates the package in 1-2 working days (if there's a delay, contact the administrator); the package will have a status Active after the activation (the package with that status is fully functional, has synchronization with the extension; the package can be installed).

Package status Active

Package editing

Choose the package you want to edit in the packages section, and push the button Edit package (on the right corner).

Admin Center Edit Package Button

Here you can see almost all the placeholders that were available at the moment of package creation (except for a placeholder of choosing a sales counting system Counting by, some placeholders will be blocked for editing).

What can be changed

Market PriceEdit in case of market commissions % change, in time of sales or other events, when you need to change the price.
This change will be considered for correct counting of %, and will be pointed in a section invoice.
Project Item IDAfter markets VideoHive / Gumroad approve the item, you need add Item ID for activation.
Main ActivationIf you want to change the system of packages activation (when replacing items to other markets / to your own website, or do other changes).
In all other cases don't change that option (if the option doesn't correlate to the point of sale, the purchase codes become invalid).
Important: Do changes after the administration approval only.
Link to PremiumChanging the item's page link (the page on the online store, or other project link магазине).
Upload DemoUpload / update package demo.

Don't forget to save all the changes.

Package edit - save changed