Special activation codes

Irrespective of the package activation method (services that users get activation codes from), you can create your own codes in unlimited number.


Your own codes work on top of all other activation methods, and they are convenient for testing of compiled packages, seeding codes in the form of coupons for promotions / promo reviews, or send a new code to a buyer in case of problems.

In admin center swipe to the section Activation Codes.

Admin Custom Codes


  1. Choose a package that you want to create a code to
  2. Enter the code (it can be individualized, for example BONUS100), or generate a random one (push the button near the placeholder).
  3. Choose maximum number of activations and press Create code.

Admin Custom Codes List

A new code will appear in the list after adding.

You can see the package code and available number of activations at the moment in the list, as well as you can delete it any time.