You need to have your account in the system to interact with AtomX packages.

If you already have the account, then just login and skip this chapter.
If you are creating your first package for AtomX, then you need to register first.


Registration form


LoginEnter a login that you assigned in main package settings, valuecc_author_username.
If you register beforehand, think up a login that you're going to use in the future package.
Important: The login for the package file and for admin-panel has to be identic, as it is used for synchronization. You cannot change the login in the following.
EmailYour main E-mail.
PasswordEnter your password and passport confirmation.
SiteAddress of your profile / website. Leads to the web-address after a click on the name of the author.
Atom Extension Header with login name
You can enter the address later in the account settings.
TokenEnter the token, if you sell your projects by Envato market (particularly, VideoHive), more on getting the token see here.
You can enter the address later in the account settings.

If you succeed with the registration, use the data you entered to login to the system.


To edit user data, click on your login (in the right corner; then choose corresponding option of drop-down menu).

Admin Panel - Edit Profile

Here you can change the token and website address (which a user is led after a click on the login in the extension).

Admin Panel - Editing Profile Info

After entering the data, push the button to save the changes.