AtomX personal use

Personal use of created packages means that the package was created not for sale, and is going to be used in your own projects (including commercial ones), either by you, or your team (studio, and so on).

You can create a package for comfortable use of your elements (templates, presets, other parts of the content); for endproducts creation, or templates for sale.

Features of your personal package:

  • You cannot sell your personal package, you have 50 package activations (can be installed on 50 particular computers).
  • You create your own package the same way, as commercial packages (including the necessity of the compilation); but when you register the package, you should choose the tarif Non-business in the admin-panel, and pay for it (more details further).
  • You can transfer your package to a commercial tarif, if you like, and sell it into the net (contact the administrator, you won't be able to change the tarif by yourself).

Personal package settings in the admin-panel

You have to create a package sample in the admin-panel, by the analogy with commercial packages.

However, some settings for a personal package are different? such as:

Market PriceAssign 0 for the item price
Market Price Example
TariffAssign Non-business tarif
Tariff Example
Main ActivationAssign Custom Code for the basic package activation
Main Activation Example
Counting ByPoint Installations for counting
Counting By Example

After the package is ready, it will be approved by the administration, and will be activated in 1-2 working days. You have to pay the package before it is activated (the details are in tarifs).