AtomX branding

In this chapter you can find the AtomX cobranding materials: logo and images.

Use these materials to let your client know that you use the AtomX extension in your project.

You can show images and inscriptions:

  • On a promo-page of the project
  • In documentation
  • In video materials

Press here to download the archive with all the materials, or choose the logo needed by your own.

Brand AtomX LogoBrand AtomX Release 3.0.0Brand Aniom LogoBrand Aniom Place Logo
Brand logo of AtomXRelease logo of AtomX 3.0.0Brand logo of the framework AniomFullfledged framework filler Aniom
.PNG 512x512.PNG Alpha 460x462.PNG 650x650.PNG 650x650

All sizes in pixels (except vector images).


There are materials used in the extension, or other versions of bazic logos (included into the archive with materials).

Brand Package Install AtomBrand Package Install Atom
Icon used while .ATOM package installation (in two colors - black and white)Another basic logo version of the AtomX 3.0.0 release
.SVG Alpha Scalable.PNG Alpha 639x400