VideoHive integration

To have an opportunity to activate the packages from VideoHive (one of the Envato markets) you need:

  1. Add your token (from your Envato account) into your account in the admin-panel (just once).
  2. After VideoHive approves your package, add Item ID into your package sample (while creating or editing the package) (for each new package).

There will be no activation if you miss any of the steps.

To get a token

To verify purchases from VideoHive store (or any of the Envato markets) you need your own token.
To create the token visit the official Envato website:

Log in and enter any name for your token; after that, assign all the permissions needed:

Permissions for token

In the list of permissions: agree to the viewing your selling histor (thus, the system will be able to check your purchase codes).

Push the botton to create a token and copy its code (the code is displayed just once; you will have to create a new one, if you loose the previous).

VH Got a token

Add the token to your account (after Token) in the admin-panel.

Adding of Item ID

After VideoHive approves your project, you need to add Item ID into your package sample in the admin-panel.


You have to create your account, and create your package sample.

Item ID (the last figures of URL):

Opet the package editor and add Item ID.

Admin Center: Add Item ID of product (videohive)

Check, whether the main activation type is set up as:

Admin Center: VH main Activation Method


Make sure, that the counting method is bonded with the current integration!
The counting method is assigned in the moment of package creation only. If the counting method is incorrect, please, contact the administrator to change it.

Admin-center Counting By VideoHive

After you save all the changes, your buyers will be able to activate the packages!

Where can a buyer look up for the purchase code?

To get the purchase code, buyer should go to Download page on VideoHive website.

Press "download" near the purchased package, then choose:
License certificate & purchase code (PDF) или License certificate & purchase code (text).

Purchase Code File

The data file download begins. Open the file, copy the code and insert it in the field Item Purchase Code, get into extension and enter the code into the activation field.

Purchase Code File Text

Push the button "Activate"; if the code is correct and belongs to the package, installation will start.