Premiere Pro

These package options are for Premiere Pro and will not operate with packages of other types.




Appoints to a type of the element applied, especially how you can use the element: as a Premiere Pro project or as MOGRT (Essential Graphics).

You can change the option for certain groups of elements (more details here: custom_source_type).

  • PROJECT – the elements are Premiere Pro projects (apply the element as a sequence) [in default]
  • MOGRT – the elements are .MOGRT (Motion Graphics Template - convertible compositions with After Effects) files
"source_type": "PROJECT"


Allows you to create adaptability for your sequences and MOGRT (Motion Graphics Template) files.

Size copying (height and width) of a current sequence to the applied elements (sequences/MOGRT) from the extension. Creates an effect of auto-changing (adaptivity) of the size.

You can change this parameter for individual groups of elements (for more information, see change_auto_size_sequence).


It is ideal for sequences with transitions (since they do not care about the proportions of elements).

  • NONE – not apply [in default]
  • ONLY_SEQ – apply only to sequences
  • ONLY_MOGRT – apply only to MOGRT files
  • ALL_ITEMS – apply to all items (sequences and MOGRT files)
"auto_size_sequence": "ALL_ITEMS"