Common settings

Common groups' settings that are suitable for all the applications.




This option allows using another name foe a folder with preview files of the template (inside the main folder Atom Preview Assets).

In default names of preview folders use containment hierarchy, doubling the folder names and a name of the final template (more on that see in the chapter package structure).

"Basic": {
"preview": {
"HTKB_1": {"enabled": true,"name": "Basic 1","options": false}
"custom_folder": "Special"

As you can see from the example above: in default the folder with similar name Basic has to be a preview files folder for the template Basic.

However, we gave another proper name to the folder - Special,
now there have to be preview files in the folder, (instead of the folder Basic).

Custom folder for preview structure


Keep in mind, that we changed the containment hierarchy for folders with preview files only, hierarchy of the template files remains the same.


This option allows using the name of element instead of its ID (identity value) for preview files, (that are located in Atom Preview Assets).

In default, preview files names have to be identic to the ID of the element (more on that see in the chapter package structure).

"Extras": {
"preview": {
"SPECIAL_ID_1": {"enabled": true, "name": "ItemName","options": false}
"preview_name_instead_id": true

In the examle we use the name ItemName for preview files, instead of SPECIAL_ID_1.

Custom folder for preview structure
Now the extension will search for preview files (for a certain template) by the assigned name of elements, not by their ID.

  • true – use instead ID
  • false – use ID [in default]


This option allows to reassign the global engine type for a certain group.
You can use it if you know the operation of other engines, or created your own engine for the package.

  • _TEXT_PRESETS – interpreter for text presets
  • _COMPOSER – composer (the main type for templates, audio files, etc.)
"change_engine": "_COMPOSER"


The option allows to change a display appearance (aspect ratio) for a certaim group of elements.
In default, all the elements have aspect ratio 16:9 (the details see in the chapter preview files).

"Extras": {
"preview": {
"SPECIAL_ID_1": {"enabled": true, "name": "ItemName","options": false}
"custom_preview_res_thumbnail": "VERTICAL"

Just assign a value you need VERTICAL, BOX_MAX, BOX_MIN in option for a group (values and their examples you can find here).

If you'd like to use common aspect ratio, it's not neccessary to set DEFAULT, you can just delete this option.


Denotes that all files in a group are audio files (of format .WAV).
When the option is applied, some of the settings of a group of elements, that can't interact with audio, may not operate.
Moreover, all audio-files have united element image (in ratio 1:1, type BOX_MIN).

Audio File image
If a group has option custom_preview_res_thumbnail, you can use only BOX_MIN or BOX_MAX. If there's no option, then it's BOX_MIN in default.

"Sound FX": {
"preview": {
"SOUND_1": {"enabled": true,"name": "Sound Fx 1","options": false}
"is_audio": true

Audio files have to be placed in the preview folder Atom Preview Assets, with classic hierarchy (as for the template), and be disposed in a folder with files of elements (instead of preview images).
Audio Files Structure
As you may notice: we use ID (in default) for the name of audio file. However, you can combine the option preview_name_instead_id with audio to use names of elements (Sound Fx 1) for the file instead ID (SOUND_1).

  • true – the group is for audio files only
  • false – the group does not relate to audio files [in default]


Denotes that all files in a group are footages (video/images).

File locations: Place the files with footages inside the main folder of the app Atom [Software name] (instead of Software name - the name of your app). Follow the hierarchy of the nesting while describing the structure.

You specify the General file format for an entire group, but you can change the format for individual items.

You can specify a separate file format in the element options - filetype inside custom_args.


If this parameter is used for a group with images, they do not require GIF preview files inside the Atom Preview Assets folder. This applies only to images.

  • JPG – group with images .jpg
  • PNG – group with images .png
  • MOV – group with videos .mov
  • MP4 – group with videos .mp4
"is_footage": "JPG"


Allows to reassign the special package option auto_size_footage for the group of elements chosen. Use values assigned in the initial option.

"change_auto_size_footage": "ALL_ITEMS"