Package testing

A test mode for your packages is planned in the AtomX extension, so that you could see any changes in your package, edit it comfortably!

Mode features:

  • The package in the test mode cannot be set up or saved (the files in the file directory are in use); it disappears from the extension after the extension reboot / mode shutdown.
  • In the test mode it's impossible to launch compiled package (including a package of another author). The mode fits to uncompiled packages (with a correct JSON structure).
  • All the main options are available in the package (viewing, apply elements, elements search. and so on). Adding to favorites and other things of small account are not available.
  • For the display of the package header in the test mode: place the header image into the folder containing the package file .ATOM. The image name have to be changed on custom_header_name with proper format .PNG (see more in package stylization).

How to launch

Press the options icon in the extension and choose Test Mode.

Test Mode: Start

From that moment: test mode is efficiently launched.

You can place your package in the extension (using Drag & Drop), or assign it with the help of the button Install.

Test Mode: First View

After that, the package will be launched in the test mode with all the functions provided, and a mark, noting that the test mode is used, will appear in the extension (on the lower right-hand corner).

Test Mode: Notify Mark

If you want to see the changes you made in the package code, then hover a cursor over the placeholder with the mark Test Mode (the special buttons will be displayed) and push the button Refresh.

Test Mode: Refresh Structure


You can move out of the test mode by pushing the button Disable.

The structure and all the package settings (including the header image) will be updated.

If you want to add another package for testing, just replace it into the extension bar, using (using Drag & Drop).

How to disable

You can disable the mode the same way you launched it.
Press the options icon of the extension, choose Test Mode.

Test Mode: Disable Guide

Alternatively, push the button in the bottom right corner of the extension (the button will appear, when you will hover a cursor over the placeholder with the mark Test Mode).

Test Mode: Disable via button

After you disabled the test mode, you can operate as before: set up compiled packages, either your own, or other authors packages.