About customizer

Inside the extension there is a customizer for various effects, it allows to edit a text and other options.


Options of the customizer, including a switched on/off options, are controlled by the special package settings, particularly by common settings (customizer_control_range, customizer_action, customizer_text_editor).

ApplicationUsage features
After EffectsChoose a layer with a composition from any AtomX package, or get into a composition, (unmark layers if they are marked)
Premiere ProChoose any .MOGRT (Essential Graphics Motion) element on the timeline (including the elements not related to AtomX packages)

To use the customizer in After Effects you need to create a main operation mark (more on that see in the section of After Effects settings - here).

After that, push the customizer button Customizer Button

Example customizer

You can fast and easily set up all the neccessary options that you've provided to the extension and final buyers.