Package compilation (release)

To use your package beyond the test mode, you need to compile it (create the final product).

You can do it at ease, just arrange:

  1. Your package with the source code in the .ATOM format.
  2. An image for the header in .PNG format (more on that see in package stylization)

As well as you have to be registered in the admin-panel (if you already have an account, then just login), to get into the section Compilation.

Compilation Section

Here you have to choose the arranged files.
After you choose the package, you can also edit its details, or leave them as they are.

Compilation Package Details


You need to create a package sample with pointed name (and application type) in the packages section (if you haven't created it earlier). The name has to be fully identic with the name from the package file, since the package name is used for synchronization with the server.

After that push the button of compilation.

Compile the package

If the compilation is successful, your compiled package will be downloaded automatically; if not - click corresponding link.

Successfully compilation

The package is ready! After the package version is activated by the administration in the admin-panel (if you haven't created it yet, do it using the name from the .ATOM package file) , you can distribute it with the extension, or use it yourself.


Before selling the package you need to test its work. You can create your own activation code for that, or remove packages activation checking (assign the option in the package details before you compile).

After that try to install the package and make sure it runs properly.