In the chapter of invoices you can find information about fee invoices (the system counts amounts automatically), and information about changing of packages price (that you applied).

To get to the section you need to login in the admin-panel, and skip to Invoices.

Dashboard Unpaid Notify


The system counts % amounts automatically, depending on the tariff and amount of your sales (or setting up / orders - depending on the chosen counting method); it outputs the sum the first day of each month.
The system takes in consideration all the price changes before the invoiced period.

After the invoice is formed, there will be a bar with the status waiting for payment, after the payment is done the status will change to paid.

Invoices Table

You can see a number of sales / setting up / orders in a column Counting (depending on the chosen counting method) in the moment of the invoice creation.

Moreover, there will be a message about created invoice it the control panel:

Dashboard Unpaid Notify

To pay the bill, follow the instructions on the page.


All the unpaid invoices will be summarized with new ones.
The maximum period to keep invoices unpaid is 3 months, after that the administration will contact you to hammer out the details. If you refuse to pay the bills, your package will be handicaped.
Minimal sum starts from 50$ (the lowest sum can be unpaid).