Stores inside the extension

There is a proper store for AtomX packages and other elements (templates, scripts).

If you agreed, your package with your copyright will be added into the store (package versions, bounded packages, price), if your tarif is Pro or higher (Pro, Enterprise, Special).

AtomX Market inside extension

Moreover, all the AtomX users will get a notification about a new package release (or a new version of the package).

AtomX Market notification

Available features for market elements:

AtomX Market Item - All In OnePoints that there are additional versions
(for other programs) of the project in one package
AtomX Market Item - Several versionsThe package has a version for other program
that is not added into the current package (with the indication of the link)
AtomX Market Item - DiscountA discount appointed (from your package information)

You can change the package price inside the admin-panel; it will be displayed in the market, as for details of the package and market are synchronized. If you add a demo version of your package; it will also be displayed near the package (can be downloaded).

Following the links of your package (including demo downloads, etc.) will be displayed in the section of analytics.

How to add your package into the market

At the moment only the administration can add or edit the AtomX products. If you'd like to add your package into the market, contact the administration.