Examples of packages

Here you can find additional materials (programs, examples of packages) that can assist your development.

Ready-made package examples

For your better understanding of AtomX package structure, we arranged fully functional packages examples for various programs.

The information on how to launch a package immediately after downloading see in the chapter package testing.

Choose the application you'd like to create a package for, and download the archive with ready-made example of a product.

Example of the package for After Effects
Download from site | Download from Google Drive
Example of the package for Premiere Pro
Download from site | Download from Google Drive
The list of ready-made materials is going to be refilled as documentation for other programs will widen.

Pack Examples Header

Atom Toolkit Helper

That is a free script for our After Effects producing, which makes the work on your package creation easy.

With the help of the script you can: add an automatic changing of compositions size (creates special values for making the size fit automatically), add markers really quickly (comments to the layers to use them in the AtomX customizer for After Effects), and even generate structure examples for your package.


There is a quick manual below that demonstrates the script abilities. But the complete manual (.PDF format, russian/english version) is in the archive with the program.

Press here to download the script Atom Toolkit Helper (the manual included).

Creating of adaptive compositions size

If you use the option auto_size_composition (After Effects option) in the special package settings, then you need to prepare the composition beforehand to make the option work.

With the help of the script you can add values for your composition in two clicks. Due to the options all the elements will follow all the composition size changes.

The creation manual is in the archive with the program.

Atom Helper Auto Resize

P.s: We released independent and improved program version for adaptive compositions creation - Smart Resize. Video preview is here.